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Déesse translators and interpreters

Communication is vital. If you want to function properly in society you need to be able to convey your message correctly and understand your discussion partner, regardless of the language.

This may sound easier than it actually is, since you and your discussion partner do not always speak the same language. In order to communicate effectively in different languages you may need a helping hand from time to time.

And this is where Déesse comes in: we guarantee a smooth communication in various languages, both orally and in writing. Déesse does so thanks to our vast network of experts in multilingual communication: translators and interpreters who possess a sound knowledge of the subject at hand. Indeed, a reliable translation or interpretation requires more than just solid linguistic skills. Translators and interpreters who fail to grasp the meaning of the message are bound to fail altogether.

Déesse’s internal team is in touch with language professionals who each have their own expertise. Déesse knows exactly who to contact for every assignment and is not just a “pass-through agency” manned by project managers who rely on a huge anonymous database of translators and interpreters.

Whether you need an internal document to be understandable for employees who do not speak your language, whether you have invited a foreign expert to your conference or whether you have monthly meetings with foreign partners who speak a different language: Déesse is here to help you.