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Comprehensive services

Interpretation equipment rental

Interpreters may apply different working methods. Consecutive interpretation is performed without interpretation equipment, as is whispering interpretation. In the latter case the interpreter whispers the translation into the listener’s ear.

In all other cases interpretation equipment is needed. But do not worry, both interpretation services and equipment can be rented from Déesse: interpretation booths, whispering equipment (Sennheiser Tourguide), audio amplifiers, microphones, headsets, etc. Déesse provides you with high-grade ISO-certified equipment combined with the technical support needed to ensure that no meeting or conference will have to be halted due to technical problems.

Do you feel lost in the maze of options? Déesse has developed a guide that will help you to determine the interpretation method that best suits your needs, along with the interpretation equipment, should you need any. Please feel free to contact our consulting interpreters for advice. They will assist you in determining how to organise the interpretation during your unique event. Our contact information can be found in the bottom right corner of this page.

 Desktop publishing

Besides writing, revising and translating your documents we can also provide an attractive lay-out. A well-written document is an excellent start, but when it also looks nice you will have a winner. Manuals, leaflets, invitations, they can all be tailored to your needs.