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Interpreters and translators

Languages – most of us get by in a foreign language, but sometimes we lack the skills to understand and express every nuance. Quite often this happens during important encounters: when a contract is closed, when you are prospecting abroad or when you meet foreign co-workers at a European works council.

In order to ensure that you understand everything that is said or written and that your own message is conveyed correctly you are best to rely on people who are specialised in multilingual communication. Because translation and interpretation are not merely about “converting words”, which nearly everybody can do with a dictionary at hand. No, it is the effective conversion of a message including its cultural content in a language that is adapted to the reader or listener.

All communication experts agree: in your professional dealings clear communication is crucial. More than often so much depends on it. Leave nothing to chance and let the translators and interpreters at Déesse translation agency assist you.